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King Crab House x EcoCompass

We are committed to saving natural resources.We have been granted an EcoCompass certificate. In February we achieved our goal in our work for a better environmental future, we were granted the EcoCompass certificate. But this is not our final goal, this is only the beginning. We are committed to improve our work and continue to... Continue Reading →

Zero-waste – King crab tail

A challenging product that will amaze you. While people have been enjoying the legs of the king crab for ages, all other parts have been cleaned out in the factories and gone straight to the garbage. One edible part that has been thrown away, is the king crab tail. But for wrong reasons, as this... Continue Reading →

Earth Hour King Crab Housessa

Olemme mukana pelastamassa Itämerta ja sen perintöä John Nurmisen Säätiön kanssa! Lauantaina 25.3 klo 20.30 sammutamme ravintolasalin valot tunniksi ilmaston ja ympäristön puolesta ja pääsette nauttimaan illallisesta kynttilävalossa. Lahjoitamme samalla koko päivän jälkiruokamyynnin John Nurmisen säätiölle puhtaamman Itämeren hyväksi. Nyt on oiva mahdollisuus laittaa suut makeaksi hyvällä omatunnolla. Lisäksi järjestämme mahdollisuuden suoralahjoituksiin säätiölle paikan päällä.... Continue Reading →

A sought-after favorite – Greenland halibut

The strange-looking Greenland halibut has been a sought-after favorite, ever since it’s been on our menu the first time. Its soft and snowy-white meat is sweet and delicate, with a mild umami and extremely rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids, while also being a good source of vitamin D, phosphorus, and selenium. It is almost... Continue Reading →

Oysters – Our Health and Eco Heroes

Oysters are one of those things you should try at least once in your life. It has been considered a luxurious and sophisticated delicacy in restaurants for ages, but for some it is just another check off in the bucket list. Luckily, for many, this nutritious eco hero becomes a lifelong treat. But the big question when it comes to oysters, should you chew it or not?

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