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The invasive star in our House

One crab to rule them all.

The king crab was intentionally introduced into the Barents Sea by the Soviet Union in the 60’s. The experiment was more successful than expected, and now the invasive species is taking over along the North Norwegian coast. The king crab has become an important source of income to many fishing villages in Finnmark, but at the same time it is a major threat to the marine ecosystem and its original species. For this reason the Norwegian authorities have established a two-part strategy. They have a quota-regulated fishery East of the North Cape, to maintain the population of this valuable delicacy, but at the same time unrestricted fishing West of the North Cape to protect the ecosystem with its original species.

The red king crab has no natural enemies in the area. It brutally moves forward along the coast and leaves nothing on its way. A true viking! This is why it is so important to stop its progress West of the North Cape. Our king crabs are caught all year around with traps in this border area. Small coastal vessels bring the crabs to our landing facilities in Indre Billefjord and Repvåg, run by North Cape King Crab. From there the crabs are brought by truck straight to our restaurant here in Levi.

Knowing this, you can enjoy its flesh with good conscience. It is often compared to the lobster, but is sweeter in its taste. Added to the soft, delicate texture, king crab is a precious rarity served in luxurious high-end restaurants.

We use all parts of the king crab to reduce unnecessary food waste. We steam the legs, cook and fry the tail, serve the roe and make an amazing deep flavor stock from the shells. Best of all, everything tastes extremely good.

A hot tip is to try our Seafood Platter. A unique selection of king crab in many different ways, together with other seafood and sides.

Take a look at our menu, and explore the many ways to enjoy the king crab. The invasive star in our house!


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