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A sought-after favorite – Greenland halibut

The strange-looking Greenland halibut has been a sought-after favorite, ever since it’s been on our menu the first time. Its soft and snowy-white meat is sweet and delicate, with a mild umami and extremely rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids, while also being a good source of vitamin D, phosphorus, and selenium. It is almost impossible to overcook, but as we always aim for perfection, we steam the fillet for only 4 minutes to reach 42 degrees. A quick flame gives the surface a nice structure before serving.

This flatfish is found in the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. It swims deep and prefers depths of 200-2,000 meters, where water temperatures remain below 4°C. It grows up to 1 meter and almost 50 kg and has a set of sharp teeth to hunt prawns, krill, capelin, and redfish. As it is a slow growing fish that mature late, it’s unfortunately sensitive to over-fishing, but in the North-East Atlantic the pressure has decreased, and fishing regulation has improved a lot compared to before. Our Greenland halibut is MSC certified, wild and always sustainably caught in this area.

The Greenland halibut is often confused with the Atlantic halibut but note that this fish is a totally different species. The flesh is fatty, and the texture is soft and tender, whereas Atlantic halibut is lean and very firm and meaty. The Greenland halibut is also equally well developed on both sides making it possible to swim in a vertical position, while other halibuts swim sideways.

If you haven’t tried this delicacy yet, now you have the chance. At the moment you find it in our main course menu together with leek and celeriac puré and an anchovy Hollandaise sauce.

See our menu here and hopefully we see you soon at our house, welcome!


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