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King Crab House x EcoCompass

We are committed to saving natural resources.
We have been granted an EcoCompass certificate.

In February we achieved our goal in our work for a better environmental future, we were granted the EcoCompass certificate. But this is not our final goal, this is only the beginning. We are committed to improve our work and continue to reduce our environmental impact, by using more and more organic and sustainable products, reducing food waste even more, recycling and come up with new ways and ideas to help both staff and costumers to be part of the work in an easy and effective way.

“We especially support the ecological diversity of seas and lakes in our actions. Our focus in marketing is sustainable development and to help raising awareness of the effects of our choices. Through continuous product development, we reduce food waste in both industry and our restaurant. We prioritize local food and pick part of our ingredients ourselves from the wild.”

If you have some ideas, please, don’t hesitate and be in contact: ina(ät)


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